October 26, 2008

Why hello happy surprise!!

Etsy Front Page 10/26/08

I have a routine. An Etsy routine. I wake up in the morning let the dog out, sit down and immediately log into my email to see what awaits me. I then go straight to my Etsy shop and the first thing I do, and this is everyday, is check to see if I have any new hearts. Nope not sales, hearts.
I am and always have been oddly obsessed with this feature. It can effect my whole day. If I have 0-1 bad, 2-4 okay and 5 or more AWESOME. Well today when I checked I had 14. Whoa. My heart started beating fast because I knew something was up, something good (I told you I'm a dork)! So I went on the 'why' hunt. I checked the Etsy treasury, nope. I checked Treasury West, nope. I checked Etsy's blog, The Storque, nope. Then I checked Flickr's Etsy Front Pagers' page and poof there was my answer! I made it to Etsy's Home Page this morning, score.

I REALLY wanted to thank this kind Etsy soul publicly for picking my wee little necklace for this gorgeous list but couldn't because there wasn't a creator name. Poo....oh well hopefully they know that I love them for making my day.


Shannon said...

Congrats!! I must confess that I am also somewhat obsessed with the hearts. :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on being on the front page!

(I just spotted us on your blogroll... thanks!!)