April 30, 2008

Handmade NW @ OHSU May 1st & May 2nd

Handmade NW @ OHSU

May 1st & 2nd 10am-5pm

3303 SW Bond Ave., Portland, Oregon 97239
For a list of participating visitors please see below;
Octavine Illustration
Barb Burwell
ReFashioned by Lisa
Toyu Ceramics & Life Masks
Flipside Hats
Glass by Debra Klang
See you there (I'll be there Friday only, can't wait)!!

April 29, 2008

Aloha Modern Mommy

Yay For Modern Mommy!

Little Daisy Chains bobbies, clips and rings will soon be found online at Modern Mommy, based in you guessed it, Hawaii! Here are just a few of the goodies you'll be able to find.

Modern Mommy is run by a mother dedicated to her family, her customers, her business and most impressively her community. Modern Mommy has dedicated the entire year of 2008 as a year to help support Project Night Night .

Project Night Night donates tote bags filled with a security blanket, an age appropriate book and a stuffed animal for children ages 0-10 in homeless shelters across the country.

I'm proud to be associated with a company that is giving so much back!!

April 28, 2008

Little Daisy Chains Is California Dreamin'

Mrs. Trips Hair Salon

109 North Blanche Street Suite 102 Ojai, CA 93023

A variety of Little Daisy Chains products can now be found in the beautiful warm and sunny state of California at Mrs. Trips. Such a fun and cool place too! Imagine a hair salon for kids where you can set your child in a Jeep, a Corvette or even a hand for a trim? No more sad faces when your little one hears that they have to go in for a haircut! And the extra bonus? You get to have fun too!! Mrs. Trips has an adjoining boutique filled with goodness galore from hair goodies, lotions, potions, clothing and so much more!! There will be smiles from ear to ear on both of your faces, it's genius! Oh how I wished I lived closer so I could check it all out for myself. For now though, I'll just sit all nice and happy like knowing my items will be California Dreamin'.

April 24, 2008

Ad Space, How In The World Do You Find It?

Um...how in the world does one find ad space? Who do you even ask?

I suppose one way to do it is to do what I did, stumble upon it. I found Majaba otherwise known as the heart-o-tron 3000.

It's a site that is directed towards artists with Etsy shops. It counts how many views and hearts your items have. I know what? Hearts views, huh?? Basically it tells a seller what is hot and what is not in one simple glance. I'm impressed.

So I clicked, inquired, and invested a whopping $12.00 for a weeks spot. That is pretty good if you ask me.

I realize that the majority of this sites users are indeed Etsy sellers. Is this a problem, do artists buy from other artists? Um heck yeah! Nearly 50% of my sales are in fact from other Etsy artisans so I figured this would be a great way to reach more Etsians.

Not only that but this way I'm helping to put money toward someone working their bootie off (thanks Julian) to provide this service that I've been using quite frequently. So double yay!

Admittedly I'm clueless when it comes to graphics or ads for that matter but this is what I came up with. Is it click worthy? I hope so!!

April 13, 2008

I'm famous!! Okay, not entirely true...but it still feels nice!

NW Kids Magazine

My son had a birthday party in March where we had friends and family come over for pizza, his favorite. At some point talk went to Little Daisy Chains and if I've thought about advertising. My brother’s mother in law, a very sweet gal who also happens to work in a Dr.'s office, suggested NW Kids as an option. I kind of laughed it off, not in a rude way but in a yeah right kind of way. Don't get me wrong, I love what I do but it is still hard for me to imagine that other people do as well. I bashfully never looked into it.

The party ended and a week went by. I opened my email just as I do nearly 50 bazillion times a day and found a message awaiting me in my inbox. It was a message from NW Kids!! They wanted to feature my hair accessories in their April issue. I was ecstatic, still am, and was jumping up and down calling my hubby and pretty much anybody else I could think of. Who knew my brother's mother in law had ESP!!

If you're local to the NW and you have children, chances are you've seen this magazine when you've gone to take your little one to the Dr. for a checkup or maybe even when you've found out that you yourself were going to have a sweet little baby of your own or heck maybe even at the dentist.

I've picked up this publication many times on my own as I have three children!! I read it while waiting to be called into appointments or while trying to pretend it is not my child tapping on the fish tank making funny noises. NW Kids has a ton of wonderful articles that help you and your loved ones stay healthy; it has fabulous activities for the family and even some great shopping ideas.

So anyhow, now that the issue is out I wanted to share my 15 minutes with you!! If you're local in the NW please take a peek, I'm on page 16 in the Jess Says section, I'm very excited and can't wait to see it in person!!

April 12, 2008

Little Daisy Chains Show Schedule, Wowzers!!!

Daisy Chains Live
*April 20th Rebel Rabbit @ Hipbone Studio
*May 2nd Handmade NW @ OSHU
*May 10th St. John's Street Fair
*May 17th Alberta Art Hop
*June 28th PDX Etsy @ The Park Blocks
*July 19th PDX Etsy @ The Park Blocks
*August 9th PDX Etsy @ The Park Blocks
Date and Time Subject To Change (*'d dates are confirmed, yay!!)
~List will be updated soon with more specifics per show as some are in the app./development/payment process~

April 11, 2008

New At Little Daisy Chains, Ribbon Bracelets!!

New Ribbon Bracelets For You Or Your Little One!

Find More Ribbon Choices At http://daisychains.etsy.com

April 9, 2008

Etsy Customer Appreciation Photo Gallery!!

Yay for customers!!

I'd totally forgotten about the customer appreciation photos on Etsy until I received one just recently in my feedback. I love seeing pictures of customers wearing my goodies!! Unfortunately a lot of the Etsy users are brand new and have no idea about this feature but those in the know, have fun with it. Here are just a few happy shoppers!! To see more visit http://www.slide.com/r/QAGB44Yisz_ndBVJZtLJBHeZ85Rkm5B0?previous_view=mscd_embedded_url&view=original

April 4, 2008

Little Urbanites, Oh My!!

Little Urbanites

916 NW 10th Ave.Portland, OR 97209

If there were baby shops in heaven then this is what they would look like!! Little Urbanites has it all! Furniture, decor, bedding, clothing, shoes, baby gear, feeding goodies, bath, toys, accessories and even music and books. Need a gift? Little Urbanites even carries keepsakes and gift cards. I'm super excited to be a part of this beautiful shop and plan on doing a ton of shopping here for my brand new little nephew come this July!! When I walked in I swear my mouth dropped, totally gorgeous.