April 24, 2008

Ad Space, How In The World Do You Find It?

Um...how in the world does one find ad space? Who do you even ask?

I suppose one way to do it is to do what I did, stumble upon it. I found Majaba otherwise known as the heart-o-tron 3000.

It's a site that is directed towards artists with Etsy shops. It counts how many views and hearts your items have. I know what? Hearts views, huh?? Basically it tells a seller what is hot and what is not in one simple glance. I'm impressed.

So I clicked, inquired, and invested a whopping $12.00 for a weeks spot. That is pretty good if you ask me.

I realize that the majority of this sites users are indeed Etsy sellers. Is this a problem, do artists buy from other artists? Um heck yeah! Nearly 50% of my sales are in fact from other Etsy artisans so I figured this would be a great way to reach more Etsians.

Not only that but this way I'm helping to put money toward someone working their bootie off (thanks Julian) to provide this service that I've been using quite frequently. So double yay!

Admittedly I'm clueless when it comes to graphics or ads for that matter but this is what I came up with. Is it click worthy? I hope so!!

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