February 27, 2010

Why Hello Deadworry, Nice To Meet You!

Why Hello Deadworry,


Nice To Meet You!

I first discovered Deadworry on Etsy back in 2008.  I'd hearted their shop immediately after finding one of their owl field bags (exactly like the one below) after doing a search for all things hoot-ish.  When I checked to see what else they had to offer, I was more than pleasantly surprised!

Two years later I'd have never imagined that I'd get an email asking if I'd be interested in having some of my own handmade goodies available for sale on their website??!!  I am beyond flattered, not to mention giddy. I've never been asked to work with an online shop I've actually heard of before.  What Little Daisy Chains goodies might you expect in the month(s) to come??  Hmm....how about some hair flair?!!

So excited!  Check out their website for amazingly awesome prints placed on Dresses, T's & Bags galore!!


The bonus?  They even have items for Men AND Baby!

My Review of my Recent Ritz Experience

Originally submitted at RitzCamera.com
A pretty spring time theme of little critters, bright flowers, and fresh, fun designs.

Why Sell If You Don't Have The Stock??!
By Rebecca Sander from Portland, Oregon on 2/27/2010
1out of 5
Pros: If I got them I'd know
Best Uses: For My Business
Describe Yourself: Quality Oriented
Primary use: Business
I ordered 10 packages of these for my business. They are NOT in stock. Ritz shipped out the one and only package they did have but did not inform me of this fun fact until AFTER they'd already shipped my package. I don't need one. I need 10. I would've canceled my order entirely four days ago when I first ordered them & gone elsewhere. Now I'm out the time, shipping & the money. The money they will refund my account in ANOTHER four days. Unprofessional. I contacted customer support & they refuse to tell me if I will get a refund on my shipping costs once I return my shipment, whenever it decides to arrive. Now I have to go back to my own customers who are waiting for the products I create with these brads to disappoint them & make me look like a clown. AWESOME! Thanks Ritz. I will never shop here again. What a completely shady way of doing business.

Oh and a side note, they still have them for sale on their website.  Nice.

In Search of The XX


I first heard XX last year, care of my commercial nixing satellite radio.  I wasn't so sure.  Crystalised struck me at first as far too breathy.  Actually, I found it a bit nauseating...but then I heard it again and found myself turning it up, way up.  The beat was intoxicating. What wasn't so intoxicating?  Not being able to find their CD locally or for that matter, at all.  I checked all my "normal" go-to music places and nada.  I gave up until just recently when I heard another & then yet ANOTHER song by the group.  What can I say, I guess I just dig their quirky 19 year old-esque style.

February 19, 2010

Enter to Win!!

Win a $15.00 Little Daisy Chains Gift Certificate!!


Kristi over @ ...and babies make four has featured my shop as part of her Friday Finds series!!  Visit her blog & enter your name to win a $15.00 Little Daisy Chains Gift Certificate.  Entries will be taken today through Wednesday February 24th @ 12am.  The winner will be announced on her blog Thursday morning.
Enter to win by clicking HERE

Good Luck!!

February 12, 2010

More Mod, Indie & Vintage Goodies!!

More Shopping Type Fun!!



Wonder who came first?  ModCloth, Ruche or Onze?  I'll ponder as I look at all the new & shiny options!!

February 11, 2010

Into the Mod

Why Hello ModCloth!!

Over the last few months I've been becoming a bigger & bigger fan of all things ModCloth.  I'm addicted, it's true.  I have even subscribed to their RSS feed, a step I've never taken for ANYTHING web-ish, just so I could stop obsessively checking their page for any and everything new.

I've made several online purchases thus far.

The only problem I find is that by the time I've saved up enough money the items I adore are sold out.  Oh and not because they're expensive, but because I'm broke! Making me A) Want to cry/and or whine or B) Whip out the credit card for a "just in case" it sells out purchase. 
I've of course done both & on more than one occasion.

This is not Beck-like, at all.  I'm not what I'd call a "girly" girl & I'm typically pretty far from materialistic but for some reason ModCloth seems to be my vice and I don't mind one bit.  

I've added a bazillion things to my cart to pretend shop, I've made wish-lists, asked to be notified when something sold out is back in stock, loved countless items & even gone as far as sharing links to what I buy on my Facebook page to see if my giddy finds are truly as exciting as I find them to be.  

Sometimes yes, and sometimes not so much...

So after visiting ModCloth tonight and finding even more goodies (yay magical RSS feed) I had to share!!

Become a Fan!

Little Daisy Chains - Become a Fan!

Follow me as I create all things new & shiny!  

The Big "S" Word

The Big "S" Word

A Gentle Freak-Out, by EmmainWonderland

I'm in a Slump. It's true.
Not the pity party kind. Sales, shows & press over the years have been great.

I'm in the oh god I want to do something new wake me the hell up kind. The I don't want to feel like a zombie when I make all the same sh*t kind. The I have to step outside of this box or I'll scream but how kind?

It's a "Gentle Freak-Out".

I'll work through.