June 11, 2008

Portland Artists In A Treasury By Me!!!

I Snagged A Treasury On Etsy!!!

Yay Portland!

It's super hard to get a treasury in Etsy-land but today I managed!! I chose to feature a handful of PDX Etsy members whom I admire greatly or have met in person and just love.

June 3, 2008

Fun With Rubber!!!

Yay Rubber!

New Rings by Little Daisy Chains

Raspberry Lemonade
Little Dancing Square
The Happy Tulip

Watermelon Daisy

Keep an eye out, more to be added to my Etsy shop this week!

June 1, 2008

My Weekend

Feelings Summed Up By Etsy Goodness
Cake and Cartwheels May Vary...
Just Dandy by Gorguss

In The Sand by AliciaBock

Friendly Fireman by BACLORI

Bubbles by impdesigns

Awkward Silences by mkendall

Beach Cartwheels by dsbrennan

Daisy Cake by Cerr

Congrats Kevin & Rachel!!!