October 30, 2008

Things I Wish....

Were In My Medicine Cabinet Like Right Now!!
Natural Sore Throat and Cough Lollipops - by wingedegg

Cold and Cough Balm - by ShaynaPunam

Organic Echinacea Tincture by greenthing

Organic Olive Coriander Eye Pillow by kyrahaigh

So the sore throat I was pretending didn't exist decided it was tired of being shut out. It shouted, 'I exist' loud and clear as it stole my voice today. Then Mr. cough moved in. Darn it man. I will retaliate with warm fuzzy blankets, hot apple cider and all kinds of Zzzzz.......'s!

October 29, 2008

Yay For Baby Portland!

Lisa Warninger, an amazing local photographer, started Baby Portland as a resource guide for expecting Mama's. From belly to baby her site offers information on birthing options, baby proofers, Nanny's, counselors, spas, gyms, prenatal yoga and of course local boutiques owned my local Mama's.

I was so excited when I found out I'd been featured I had to share!!


Thank you Lisa!!

October 26, 2008

Why hello happy surprise!!

Etsy Front Page 10/26/08

I have a routine. An Etsy routine. I wake up in the morning let the dog out, sit down and immediately log into my email to see what awaits me. I then go straight to my Etsy shop and the first thing I do, and this is everyday, is check to see if I have any new hearts. Nope not sales, hearts.
I am and always have been oddly obsessed with this feature. It can effect my whole day. If I have 0-1 bad, 2-4 okay and 5 or more AWESOME. Well today when I checked I had 14. Whoa. My heart started beating fast because I knew something was up, something good (I told you I'm a dork)! So I went on the 'why' hunt. I checked the Etsy treasury, nope. I checked Treasury West, nope. I checked Etsy's blog, The Storque, nope. Then I checked Flickr's Etsy Front Pagers' page and poof there was my answer! I made it to Etsy's Home Page this morning, score.

I REALLY wanted to thank this kind Etsy soul publicly for picking my wee little necklace for this gorgeous list but couldn't because there wasn't a creator name. Poo....oh well hopefully they know that I love them for making my day.

Riley's Turn To Get Craft Like with Mom

Rye at the Milwaukie Elementary Expo!

A few weeks ago I was getting ready to go into Crafty Wonderland to sell my wares and I asked the kiddos if anyone wanted to go with me to keep me company and perhaps even lighten Mik's load a tad. I expected maybe one kid at most, if at all, to respond. All three excitedly answered me and all at the same time. It was hard to hear with all the shouting of 'I will!' 'Ooh can I go?' and 'Me too's'?' who had replied first.

I almost just said never mind to avoid any 'no fair' remarks or arguments that would surely follow but instead I came up with a plan. I told them that I would let one of them go with me to each of my next three shows.

This Saturday was my second show and they did not forget! I swear sometimes I think kids have the memory of an elephant. Riley was excited about her turn. She woke up at 6:30 like it was no big thing and quickly got ready. I put her hair up in a pony and pinned back the strays with a bobby pin. A bobby pin she wanted to make sure that I'd made which totally made me giggle.

Today's adventure you ask? Milwaukie Elementary's 2nd Annual Expo and Holiday Bazaar! Within the first 10-15 minutes of being set up Rye looked at me and stated the dreaded phrase all parents fear to hear, "I'm bored."

Thankfully there were tons of activities if you were a girl named Riley! There was a fire truck, a karate demonstration, pumpkin painting, a coloring table, a playground, a little Christmas town like shop, face painting and prob. Rye's favorite of the day the cafeteria. Where she had a slice of Pizza Shmizza, a doughnut, a water (she hates soda), Cheetos and a Starburst.

Riley also remembered that her big brother got to use Mom's camera so of course that meant that she should be able to as well. I let her take the camera and snap some shots of the fellow vendors. She took more movies than pictures and her shortest film was 14 minutes long. Who knew a camera could keep a child so very, very entertained?

While Riley was off having all kinds of kid type fun I was left at the table. I looked at the time and the room filled with only vendors and knew I was in for a looooooooooooong day. Thankfully my crafty neighbors were there to save the day!

I was put between Refashioned By Lisa, someone I've done many craft shows with (she always puts a smile on my face) and someone I'd never met before Geralyn of Big Woo Wear. Geralyn crochets awesome hats!! Some with the most intricate flowers and leaves I've ever seen and the color choices, amazing. She also makes the softest, coziest, comfiest scarfs ever! I should know, I am now a proud owner.

She also confessed that she follows my blog. I was pleasantly surprised. I didn't know people other than my friends, family and fellow Etsy team members actually read it!! It's somewhat of a foreign concept to me. I also just had a customer on Friday (from the EtsyKids sale) tell me the same thing. She lives here in Oregon too. I was able to meet her as well the day of the show. She offered to come pick up her package so I didn't have to put it in the post, score!

All in all even when shows are long or missing customers the networking opportunities, the friendships both new and old (hello Autumn Comfort Candles and AllegraB) can make it all so very worth it.

I was however, happy to go home.

October 24, 2008

It's On Like Donkey Kong!!!!

Haa haaa....I've always wanted to say that!

The EtsyKids BOGO sale is finally here!! http://daisychains.etsy.com/ and http://etsykidsblogspot.com/ to find even more fun kid type stuffity stuff.

No more fretting or pestering, can we say yay!

Warning: Adults may squeal as they stare at all things cute and small.


October 23, 2008

Milwaukie Elementary's Holiday Expo This Saturday!

Drop By and Say Hey!!

October 25th 10am-4pm
Second Annual Milwaukie Elementary Expo & Bazaar
11250 SE 27th Ave. Milwaukie, OR 97222

Milwaukie Elementary will be hosting its second annual Milwaukie Expo & Bazaar. It is a community event featuring local businesses, crafters (like me, Little Daisy Chains), food, entertainment and performances for all ages.

The event is open to the public, so all are invited to get a jump-start on holiday shopping while supporting education programs for students at Milwaukie Elementary School.

Ack... I'm a Nervous Nelly, or is it Nilly????

Okay so I'm tweakin' out just a tad....

Did You Ever Have That Feeling - By marcia724

The EtsyKids Bogo Sale starts in nearly 10 hours and I'm freakin' out big time. I'm starting to worry about it not working. I'm even extra bunched up about it because this whole sale was my idea to begin with. What if it's a flop?? What if not one single person gets a sale?? It would be my fault right? There are 100's of shops counting on this sale. It's a lot of pressure. I've written up info for the Storque on Etsy (they've written about it twice), I've blogged like a crazy woman, I've posted to social networking sites like facebook and myspace, I've posted on mommy communities and craig's list, I've sent out bulletins and emails but is that enough?? I don't have a clue!!!
I've never done anything like this on the front end. Usually I'm just a passenger. I've suggested that participants blog and network as well but I only know about 25 people or so that have and that is way less than half. Is that normal? Will this thing actually work????
Oh my gosh I hope so because I so don't want to be "the one" who set everyone up for failure ya know?? Ugh.......my belly feels funny. I think my shop announcement about the BOGO sale has also scared off my customers. I haven't had a sale all week and I know this sounds all kinds of whiny but that's what happens when I get all nervous and twisted inside about stuff especially when I feel like it's all resting on my shoulders, sigh..............................

The Stairs At Night by TummyMountain

October 22, 2008

To Crafter's Applying To Shows....

Don't Give Up!!!

Many crafter's this holiday season hustled and bustled to get in their applications to take part in craft shows, school fundraisers, and bazaars all across town. Why? Well to make money of course, network and have the opportunity to sell their wares to people big and small.

While all of these pick me, pick me applications flow in to and fro it should be no surprise that eventually a traffic jam of paper and electronic files would occur. In some cases literally 100's of applications more then there were openings in shows and that organizers would have to sift and sift through piles of yes's and no's and maybe so's.

As many of us wait and wait and keep our fingers crossed to hear the outcome of these applications some of us may try to increase these odds by saying a little religious something, making sure we don't walk under ladders, open any umbrellas in the house or maybe just maybe even by kissing some major crafty bootie.

But in the end and no matter how hard we try eventually the dreaded "unfortunately at this time..." response will follow. It will be devastating and totally heart breaking and very hard not to take personally. Self-doubt may incur and be followed by a chocolate splurge..... or three and perhaps even the death of a pint of ice cream.

But don't lose hope my fellow crafter peeps, there are these things, these magical wonderful things called waiting lists and just as your stuffing your face with Ben and Jerry's Dave Mathews Band Magic Brownie Ice Cream an email may arrive that reads:

"Congratulations a vendor has cancelled and you have been taken off of the waiting list!!!"

True Story!


Are You In There?

I'm Looking....

There You Are!!!!

I just got my ballot and I'm way excited, I was starting to think there was a conspiracy taking place and the political party opposing my preferred candidate was being all kinds of naughty and hording ballots. Hey...ya never know, stranger things have happened!!

Happy Voting To All!!

October 20, 2008

Crafty Wonderland As Seen By A 10 Year Old

The Constant Observer

My brother taught my 10 year old son Skyler how to use the movie function on my camera during Crafty Wonderland a few Sunday's ago. This is his first of four separate movies taken during the show among umpteen bazillion photos of vendors. The movie I really would've loved to add was way to large in size to work.

Some of the looks and reactions he received are priceless.

* WARNING - Blair Witch-like camera skills in use *

Any one notice the time he spent at the chocolate table (he bought 5 throughout the day)!

And now......time for some cheese!!!

I'd totally do credits and links to shops and such but I only know 4 of the 18 people shown above. Yay for Skyler and his mad 1st time photography skills. I soooo know what I'm getting him for the Holidays this year. ;O)

New Goodies At Little Daisy Chains!!

New is Good!!
Now that I have my laptop all nice and fixed-like I can start to catch up again by adding new goodies to my shop. Whoo hoo for working computers! Here are just a few and I'm talking few of the new things that will be floating into my shop. Oh and these are not in any way the goodies that kept my brain going hours on end the other night (those I'm still perfecting).
Make A Wish, A Ribbon Bracelet - DaisyChains

Burgundy, A Ribbon Bracelet - DaisyChains

Sweet Flowers On Lime - DaisyChains

Rustic Garden Hair Clips - DaisyChains

October 19, 2008

EtsyKids BOGO Mini Look Book # 4

Time is Tickin' Closer To The Massive EtsyKids BOGO Event this Friday and Saturday!!

chichiboulie - Petit Oiseau...chante aux fleurs
knitstyle - Polka Dots Cloth Play Blocks

DaisyChains - Tropicana Hair Clips <-------- That's Me!!

My BOGO sale will be Buy One, Get One 50% Off On The 24th/25th!!!

A Racing Brain!!

Night Ride Print by serpentmandalas

I'd really, really like to be in a nice cozy warm bed getting my Z's right now but unfortunately my mind is racing with new ideas for the upcoming holiday season and none of them have to do with what I currently make! Figures....
I've pretty much reached a lull in excitement in my little crafty world and am desperately wanting to spice it up a notch. Refresh it, wake it up... anything will do. Perhaps I'm just cranky or maybe my shoot me now headache from earlier today tweaked my brain a tad and I just haven't returned to my Beck like self? Who knows but I can't stop thinking of what could be.

I want to run to Home Depot, JoAnn's needs to be open RIGHT now and IKEA is seriously calling out my name, "Beeeeckkkkkkkky"!! I want to create new things I want to try something new this very second. I need supplies darn it and stat!

October 16, 2008

Seeking Designers, I'm A New Member!!!

A new way to be found by bloggers, editors, shop owners and the like!

As a member of Trunkt the idea behind Seeking Designers isn't entirely new to me but the way I started to think about it all is.

Seeking Desiners helps designers like us grow our businesses by connecting us with people that wouldn't ordinarily be able to find our products. It's a brand new way (in my mind) to advertise and get your name out there.

What's the catch? There's a fee but with all advertising isn't there always? It's not super steep though. $20.00 bucks a month. This was something I am totally willing to give a shot. You can pay monthly and opt out when you'd like, unlike Trunkt. For now I'm giving it a go and seeing what happens.

With promotional items like "The Daily Dish" where seeking designers picks random products to feature for it's seeking members to find and numerous "Press Ops" that are sent directly to your inbox what's to lose? It pretty much puts opportunity in your lap and leaves the go getting to you!

So far (and it's been like a week) I've been sent 8 press Opps and have been featured in one Daily Dish. As I start to reply to some of the Opps I truly have hope that this will be something very worth my while and perhaps yours as well!!


October 14, 2008

Hey Pretty Pumpkin'

Pumpkin Type Fun!

We tried going to the famed Roloff Farm for some celebrity Pumpkin' type fun only the sea of 250 cars ahead of us made our mouths drop. We decided to head on over to the Plumper Pumpkin Patch instead, with the promise of seeing the Little People Big World farm another day!
This was the row of cars behind us before we turned around this past Saturday!! Crazy town!