October 20, 2008

Crafty Wonderland As Seen By A 10 Year Old

The Constant Observer

My brother taught my 10 year old son Skyler how to use the movie function on my camera during Crafty Wonderland a few Sunday's ago. This is his first of four separate movies taken during the show among umpteen bazillion photos of vendors. The movie I really would've loved to add was way to large in size to work.

Some of the looks and reactions he received are priceless.

* WARNING - Blair Witch-like camera skills in use *

Any one notice the time he spent at the chocolate table (he bought 5 throughout the day)!

And now......time for some cheese!!!

I'd totally do credits and links to shops and such but I only know 4 of the 18 people shown above. Yay for Skyler and his mad 1st time photography skills. I soooo know what I'm getting him for the Holidays this year. ;O)


LeaKarts said...

That video is so awesome--I don't know what's better--the stop at the chocolate table, or the fact that a large portion of people are chopped off at the boobs and the butts :) Haha!

Danielle said...

That was great!

The chocolate stop had me rolling.

I have never been to craty so it was nice to see it though the eyes someone.

nikki/WhiMSy love said...

What a fun & cozy place that was! It looked AWESOME! I love your sweet motherly "Don't trip" advice.

Tia Colleen said...

Those are great pictures!!!

(panda puffs are so good. I wish I wasn't allergic)

prashant said...

The chocolate stop had me rolling.
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