October 8, 2008

Tell Me What Letter You See...

Vision Screening Type Fun!

Today I got to be one of the Vision Screening people at the kiddos school which was a little ironic in itself. You see, I kind of forgot to actually WEAR my glasses this morning (or any morning..I know, I know) so I couldn't see squat unless I was like two feet away.
So.......to avoid passing every child I opted to be the stick lady who just stands there and points to the letters/shapes.

We screened grades K-3 and I actually had a great time despite my boring little wand. The Kinder's were my favorite!! They were all fidgety and peeking through their eye patch, cocking their heads to and fro like little puppies all squinty like while over pronouncing each shape.

1 comment:

nikki/WhiMSy love said...

I want a little wand!
It actually sounds like a fun & interesting day!
You were kinda like Vanna White....but not really. OK, that was dumb.