October 22, 2008

To Crafter's Applying To Shows....

Don't Give Up!!!

Many crafter's this holiday season hustled and bustled to get in their applications to take part in craft shows, school fundraisers, and bazaars all across town. Why? Well to make money of course, network and have the opportunity to sell their wares to people big and small.

While all of these pick me, pick me applications flow in to and fro it should be no surprise that eventually a traffic jam of paper and electronic files would occur. In some cases literally 100's of applications more then there were openings in shows and that organizers would have to sift and sift through piles of yes's and no's and maybe so's.

As many of us wait and wait and keep our fingers crossed to hear the outcome of these applications some of us may try to increase these odds by saying a little religious something, making sure we don't walk under ladders, open any umbrellas in the house or maybe just maybe even by kissing some major crafty bootie.

But in the end and no matter how hard we try eventually the dreaded "unfortunately at this time..." response will follow. It will be devastating and totally heart breaking and very hard not to take personally. Self-doubt may incur and be followed by a chocolate splurge..... or three and perhaps even the death of a pint of ice cream.

But don't lose hope my fellow crafter peeps, there are these things, these magical wonderful things called waiting lists and just as your stuffing your face with Ben and Jerry's Dave Mathews Band Magic Brownie Ice Cream an email may arrive that reads:

"Congratulations a vendor has cancelled and you have been taken off of the waiting list!!!"

True Story!

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