October 6, 2008

A Newt + a Nephew + a Nicole =

One Nifty Fall Like Monday!!

In an effort to start getting all kinds of healthy again I planned for two physical activities. The first an early morning hike with an Etsy pal and the other an afternoon walk with an old High School buddy, my sister, my brand new nephew and one of my kiddlets! The first didn't work out due to scheduling issues but the second did minus one old buddy.

My sister and I ended up going over to Rood Bridge Park, the park my husband and I got married at, and walked for about an hour. Along the way we saw a newt, super pretty fall leaves, lots of running streams and even got to take in a peculiar elephant odor....once we tuned out the smell, which was very hard to do, it was a great time to yap, catch up and coo and awe over my new nephew all while getting in a little exercise!

I forgot that I HAD my camera so the pictures in this post are borrowed with love and look exactly like what we saw! Next time we go I promise to take Beck-ish pictures for all!


nikki/WhiMSy love said...

Oh darn! I want to see the Beck-ish newt!
How odd. I've never seen a newt.

LeaKarts said...

That newt is so cute! What a fantastic walk you had.