August 26, 2010

Hip Hip Hooray For Hippos!!

Happy Hippo Finds - Etsy Style

Orange Hippo and Bird Shirt by Planet Pudge

DIY Hippopotamus Mittens by Knit Knit

Hippo Passport/Wallet by Squirrellicious

Periwinkle Pocket Hippo by Maisey Handmade

August 19, 2010

Support Your Local Artist

Supporting your local artist IS what it's all about!!

It had been way too long since I've supported a local artist.  Since April actually (see above).  Ooops.  So tonight I FINALLY bought something from someone that I've been Etsy stalking for months, even years now - wow years (not the scary kind of stalking, the I love your work but I rarely buy art for myself kind).  I've hearted this and a lot of that.  I've oooh'd and ahh'd & even giggled out lout at many of his pieces. So who did I buy from???  Well the very talented Mr. Jason Edward Davis of course! 

 Isn't he sweet?

So go out & treat yourself to something awesome, something local.  How?  Click here - or even here - and type in your city and watch all of the crazy amazing items pop up.  Then? Do it!  Buy something.  

You'll feel great & so will your local artist!!

Bought & Wish I'd Bought

Cost Plus World Market is one of my most favorite stores ever!!  

I bought an assortment of items today on a whim.  Apparently whims can be dangerous.  I bought soap, body wash, pasta, a scarf, the cutest freaking wrapping paper ever, masala sauce, chocolate & well wait...I'm going to stop because I spent way too much and I don't want to think about that.

Here are two things I loved the most.  One I bought & of course one I wish I'd bought!!

Bought (Smells heavenly)

Wish I'd Bought

The dangerous part??  I found out they're online.  Uh oh.
AND like most businesses these days they can now be found on Facebook!/worldmarket?ref=ts. 

I'll be following, it's true.

August 17, 2010

Bracelets Around The Bend

I'm in the mood to make, so today I dove into my ribbon stash and made some pretties for our wrists!!

August 16, 2010

Stepping Back Into Blog Land

Silly blogging, takes time and loads of dedication BUT I miss sharing so I'm back.

What have I been doing since I've been gone??  To sum it up?  Making new products, reading books *gasp*, attending conventions, selling at markets, losing 20 pounds and spending all kinds of time with my friends & family. 

What am I reading now?  "Social Media 101"   Watch out!