August 19, 2010

Support Your Local Artist

Supporting your local artist IS what it's all about!!

It had been way too long since I've supported a local artist.  Since April actually (see above).  Ooops.  So tonight I FINALLY bought something from someone that I've been Etsy stalking for months, even years now - wow years (not the scary kind of stalking, the I love your work but I rarely buy art for myself kind).  I've hearted this and a lot of that.  I've oooh'd and ahh'd & even giggled out lout at many of his pieces. So who did I buy from???  Well the very talented Mr. Jason Edward Davis of course! 

 Isn't he sweet?

So go out & treat yourself to something awesome, something local.  How?  Click here - or even here - and type in your city and watch all of the crazy amazing items pop up.  Then? Do it!  Buy something.  

You'll feel great & so will your local artist!!

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