August 30, 2008

A Sample of Bumbershoot Goodness

Saturday In The Land O' Bumbershoot

Flatstock (This photo I borrowed from the Bumbershoot site but I was way excited to bump into StrawberryLuna there!!!)

(Awesome and now in search of CD)

The Indie Market
(Also with lots o' Etsy/and or Portland peeps but most excitedly for me was finding PDX Softgoods, Appetite and TheButtonGirl. I'm sure there were more of you there but this place was HUGE and I didn't get to see it all!!)


Yay for Food and The Arts!

Next time I'll try and remember that I HAVE my camera and take even more pictures!

August 29, 2008

This is where I am Friday-Sunday Evening, Score!

Um, big fat heck yeah! I'm going to be at Bumbershoot this festive Labor Day weekend!!! I'll get back to everything Daisy Chains when I get back!!

August 28, 2008

Daisy Chains Secret Sale Number 3!!

Daisy Chains Secret Etsy Sale # 3!!

08/29/2008 until 11pm PST

Buy one necklace get the second necklace 50% off

Just type in Blogger in the notes to seller so I know to adjust your invoice!

August 27, 2008

Face Your Manga

If I Were a Cartoon

Thanks to my Etsy BFF WhiMSy love's blog, Mik found this site where you can turn yourself into a cartoon. I had to make one!! He went first!

Mik & Beck!!

To make your own go here

Cool Graph Tool WAY easy to use!!

Yay for Graphs!!

Create a Graph Here

Whoo hooo Google search! In trying to anticipate what this year's holiday season may bring I found an awesome site to get a grasp of it all. The bonus is that it's so simple a child can use it, in fact that is exactly who it was designed for. How can one go wrong??!

The graph above shows my Etsy sales from January '07 to August 25th of this year and it's true, what you put in you get back. It's crazy to see the results! Give it a go and forecast your own upcoming holiday season.

August 24, 2008

The Kindness Of A Stranger!

Computer Error... :/

Shirt - Fatal Error - Attacking computer


I am a fan of screen shots! Only tonight my computer was not. I pressed, punched, poked and even tried cursing "alt print screen' into submission but, no success. I immediately felt guilty and somewhat silly so I even tried saying I was sorry. In return for my heartfelt regret I was given the silent treatment.

The treasury I'd created on Etsy was soon to expire and I was desperate. My tech. husband was in bed, there was no saving me now. Who else could I turn too?? My two 10 year old boys were watching Shrek The Third for the millionth time and wouldn't have a clue. There was no way. I was out of luck. Then it hit me, duh I thought, 'who better to ask for help then the Etsy forums?!' I shot on over to Etsy Land and posted away.

6 minutes went by and nothing. I know 6 minutes that's fast right?!! Not for these forums. This was usually the sign of a dead thread. I had a sudden sinking feeling that the people who were reading my post thought I was lying and trolling for treasury views!!

I could even see viewers viewing my treasury one after another immediately after my post so I knew people were in there looking. At one time the total number of viewers even went up to 9. People were in and out and in and out. I didn't want to ask again, my thread was drowning and bumping your own thread is somewhat of a big fat no-no.

Suddenly MoondanceDesigns popped in and bumped the thread herself so somebody would see my question and perhaps take me seriously. It worked!! earthdream came to my rescue.

Poof screen shot!

Thank you kind Etsy strangers!!
I heart you both!

August 21, 2008

I Got To Meet My Etsy BFF!!

Whoo hoo for Nik, Nik my Etsy BFF Chick!!

Trains are all nice and spiffy! Why you ask? Well because some of the best people in the world come out of them. My Etsy BFF and her two kiddlets came through Portland's Union Station today!! It was awesome, awkward, exciting, weird and funny all at once.

The best part was waiting for Nikki, Zoey and little Pazley to arrive. I kept watching the clock wondering if I was in the right spot. I finally went and checked the little arrival screen and it magically told me where I could wait and fidget with my thoughts. What if she thinks I'm a total dork??! Why in the heck did I wear this stupid dress?! I never wear dresses and these shoes, god these shoes. Should I be sitting? Should I stand? I'm going to be quiet again aren't I?! Will my son be okay? He's not generally a fan of strangers? Ugh..a jean jacket, really it's not the 80's any more!? Why do I get like this?
Then the train arrived. People started pouring in. I told Dylan what the three Whimsy's looked like so he could help me find them. He quickly started looking for Moms and asking me, "Is that her?" "How about her?" The passengers started to thin and still no Nik. I could picture her trying to wrestle with bags upon bags with two little ones on her own. I started to wonder if it would be cool if I went to help but this gruff lady guarded the entryway and had already growled at others for trying to do the same. Scary I tell you.
Finally there they were!! All of them with heaps of luggage walking in front of the glass entry way right in front of Dylan and I. Eeeeep!!! I wanted to shout right then "Nikki!!!" They rounded the corner and came into the station. I felt like such a little kid!! I was totally bouncing around with Beck like happiness on the inside and sooooo wanted to jump on the outside too. Instead I contained myself and did a super spazzy happy wave followed by a semi squeally hug.
Yay for layovers!!

The only thing that wasn't so fun, and in this order, forgetting my camera, random sewage smells of nastiness, having to rush off to go pick up the husband and on the way finding a lovely parking ticket on my windshield.

My Ring On Etsy's Front Page 8/22/08

Score!!! I've made it to the Etsy Homepage

Thanks EcoKate for including my ring in your gorgeous treasury!!

August 18, 2008

Etsy Front Page 8/18/08, Score!

My Bobbies Are Saying Hello!!

Thank you StaceyDawn and yay for blues and greens!

August 17, 2008

August 14, 2008

Holy Cow I've Made It To Etsy's Front Page!!!

Etsy Home Page 08/14/2008

Fun With Primary Colors!

Thank you Guerillagranny!!

August 6, 2008

DaisyChains Secret Sale # 2!!


Hair goodies are buy one get one free today!!

I'll revise your invoice at checkout just type Secret Sale in the notes to seller.

August 5, 2008

Thank you Littleput!! ;O)

Littleput Books Goes Hollywood

So honored, thank you Ryan!!