August 24, 2008

The Kindness Of A Stranger!

Computer Error... :/

Shirt - Fatal Error - Attacking computer


I am a fan of screen shots! Only tonight my computer was not. I pressed, punched, poked and even tried cursing "alt print screen' into submission but, no success. I immediately felt guilty and somewhat silly so I even tried saying I was sorry. In return for my heartfelt regret I was given the silent treatment.

The treasury I'd created on Etsy was soon to expire and I was desperate. My tech. husband was in bed, there was no saving me now. Who else could I turn too?? My two 10 year old boys were watching Shrek The Third for the millionth time and wouldn't have a clue. There was no way. I was out of luck. Then it hit me, duh I thought, 'who better to ask for help then the Etsy forums?!' I shot on over to Etsy Land and posted away.

6 minutes went by and nothing. I know 6 minutes that's fast right?!! Not for these forums. This was usually the sign of a dead thread. I had a sudden sinking feeling that the people who were reading my post thought I was lying and trolling for treasury views!!

I could even see viewers viewing my treasury one after another immediately after my post so I knew people were in there looking. At one time the total number of viewers even went up to 9. People were in and out and in and out. I didn't want to ask again, my thread was drowning and bumping your own thread is somewhat of a big fat no-no.

Suddenly MoondanceDesigns popped in and bumped the thread herself so somebody would see my question and perhaps take me seriously. It worked!! earthdream came to my rescue.

Poof screen shot!

Thank you kind Etsy strangers!!
I heart you both!



I would be totally lost without the Etsy forums and all the fab people who share knowledge and tips, you are a great writer, like your blog :0)

nikki/WhiMSy love said...

I totally freak when I can't get the screen shot. It never works for me. Nice strangers rock.
Who's the hot guy in the photo?