August 21, 2008

I Got To Meet My Etsy BFF!!

Whoo hoo for Nik, Nik my Etsy BFF Chick!!

Trains are all nice and spiffy! Why you ask? Well because some of the best people in the world come out of them. My Etsy BFF and her two kiddlets came through Portland's Union Station today!! It was awesome, awkward, exciting, weird and funny all at once.

The best part was waiting for Nikki, Zoey and little Pazley to arrive. I kept watching the clock wondering if I was in the right spot. I finally went and checked the little arrival screen and it magically told me where I could wait and fidget with my thoughts. What if she thinks I'm a total dork??! Why in the heck did I wear this stupid dress?! I never wear dresses and these shoes, god these shoes. Should I be sitting? Should I stand? I'm going to be quiet again aren't I?! Will my son be okay? He's not generally a fan of strangers? Ugh..a jean jacket, really it's not the 80's any more!? Why do I get like this?
Then the train arrived. People started pouring in. I told Dylan what the three Whimsy's looked like so he could help me find them. He quickly started looking for Moms and asking me, "Is that her?" "How about her?" The passengers started to thin and still no Nik. I could picture her trying to wrestle with bags upon bags with two little ones on her own. I started to wonder if it would be cool if I went to help but this gruff lady guarded the entryway and had already growled at others for trying to do the same. Scary I tell you.
Finally there they were!! All of them with heaps of luggage walking in front of the glass entry way right in front of Dylan and I. Eeeeep!!! I wanted to shout right then "Nikki!!!" They rounded the corner and came into the station. I felt like such a little kid!! I was totally bouncing around with Beck like happiness on the inside and sooooo wanted to jump on the outside too. Instead I contained myself and did a super spazzy happy wave followed by a semi squeally hug.
Yay for layovers!!

The only thing that wasn't so fun, and in this order, forgetting my camera, random sewage smells of nastiness, having to rush off to go pick up the husband and on the way finding a lovely parking ticket on my windshield.


T.Allen said...

Aww. My excitement was building as I read your post. How sweet, sorry about the ticker though...bummer!

nikki/WhiMSy love said...

Oh no! A parking ticket? That sucks my friend!!
I LOVED reading your post! I felt all the same things you did. Well, except for the part where you were waiting for me....& the dress part (I was wearing jeans, you see)....& the part when you left by car & I left by train...

YAY for random meetings with my Etsy BFF!!!

Cherry Lane Jane said...

so cool! I would have been nervous too. glad you too could meet:)