August 19, 2010

Bought & Wish I'd Bought

Cost Plus World Market is one of my most favorite stores ever!!  

I bought an assortment of items today on a whim.  Apparently whims can be dangerous.  I bought soap, body wash, pasta, a scarf, the cutest freaking wrapping paper ever, masala sauce, chocolate & well wait...I'm going to stop because I spent way too much and I don't want to think about that.

Here are two things I loved the most.  One I bought & of course one I wish I'd bought!!

Bought (Smells heavenly)

Wish I'd Bought

The dangerous part??  I found out they're online.  Uh oh.
AND like most businesses these days they can now be found on Facebook!/worldmarket?ref=ts. 

I'll be following, it's true.


nikki/WhiMSy love said...

Ok, "dangerous" is an understatement!! I used to live in the vicinity of a Cost Plus eons ago. I LOVE COST PLUS!! You couldn't always buy online could you??
Man, this is bad....

Beck said...

No, pretty sure you couldn't always buy online. I think it is a VERY recent thing. I only found out because while I was in the store this lady asked the sales clerk about something they'd seen on their website. It stopped me in my tracks and I turned to Rye & said, "oh my gosh - they have a website!" She of course stared at me like I had a third head. ;o)