February 11, 2010

Into the Mod

Why Hello ModCloth!!

Over the last few months I've been becoming a bigger & bigger fan of all things ModCloth.  I'm addicted, it's true.  I have even subscribed to their RSS feed, a step I've never taken for ANYTHING web-ish, just so I could stop obsessively checking their page for any and everything new.

I've made several online purchases thus far.

The only problem I find is that by the time I've saved up enough money the items I adore are sold out.  Oh and not because they're expensive, but because I'm broke! Making me A) Want to cry/and or whine or B) Whip out the credit card for a "just in case" it sells out purchase. 
I've of course done both & on more than one occasion.

This is not Beck-like, at all.  I'm not what I'd call a "girly" girl & I'm typically pretty far from materialistic but for some reason ModCloth seems to be my vice and I don't mind one bit.  

I've added a bazillion things to my cart to pretend shop, I've made wish-lists, asked to be notified when something sold out is back in stock, loved countless items & even gone as far as sharing links to what I buy on my Facebook page to see if my giddy finds are truly as exciting as I find them to be.  

Sometimes yes, and sometimes not so much...

So after visiting ModCloth tonight and finding even more goodies (yay magical RSS feed) I had to share!!

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