November 9, 2008

Yay Lewis!

The Obama Effect Or Rockin' Organizers??

I'd go organizers on this one.
The Lewis Holiday Bazaar was a HUGE success, my best show evers and evers! The crowd was a buzzin', the line was constant and my new hair goodies that I'd packaged like mad the night before went like hotcakes!
This was the first show I'd ever done where there was a central cashier and I didn't have to deal with the money aspect. I really, really, really dug that! People could just walk on over to my table grab and go and that is exactly what happened. I tried to keep track but at the end of the day when my check was written it was clear I hadn't. Yay!
The vendors for the show were well chosen and it was the best organized craft show I'd been to outside of Crafty Wonderland and for a school this (compared to those I've been to so far) was impressive.
A big fat crafty thank you to Jen Neitzel and the Lewis PTA! It felt great to help support your school!


Danielle said...

whooo hooo!

A well organized craft show is the bestest. I dig the central check out to.

Jumping up and down to see Beck! All my shows seem like a long ways off though.

Shannon said...

Congrats!! Glad to hear your show was a success. :)