November 10, 2008

Happy Dance Time!

Happy Dance Time!

I just NOW realized my 2 year Etsyversary is THIS Friday!!! Wowzers I tell you! That came up way faster then I thought it would. Although I haven't met my two year sales goal of 2,000 sales just quiet yet (1,487) I did reach my Etsy hearts goal of 2,000 and even surpassed it by 606!! Yay for being 2!

I want to do something super fun for it in my shop or on my blog but I don't know what??!! Hmmm.....maybe A contest? A drawing/giveaway? Something to do with the number 2 perhaps? Off to go think and if you have any super cool ideas let me know!! I want to play!

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LeaKarts said...

Yaaaaaaaay!!! How exiting!