November 12, 2008

Little Daisy Chains Is Turning Two!!

Join the fun of being two with a giveaway and a sale!!

Riley (My Daughter) 2 Years Old

This Friday join me in celebrating Little Daisy Chains two year anniversary. To celebrate I thought it would be fun to do a giveaway AND have a sale, yay! To enter in the giveaway either send me a flickr link to a photo of when you were two years old or send the photo directly to littledaisychains(at) Don't have a picture handy? No biggie! Just post a funny or memorable story from when you were two in the comment section of this blog post. Each photo and story will be worth two entries each.

Rebecca (Me) 2 Years Old

What you're playing for....

Any one Little Daisy Chains item of your choice for FREE!!!

Rene' (My Mom) 2 Years Old

Now for the sale!! Buy One item Friday November 14th and get a second for FREE!!! Just type in Etsyversary in the notes to Seller upon checkout. Sale ends at midnight. Sale limited to two free items per customer and must be of equal or lesser value.

Drawing will be held Friday November 14th @ 11pm so start sending in your entries today!!


nikki/WhiMSy love said...

Oh my gosh. You totally look the same.


I'm serious.

Anonymous said...

My little one is just turning two. So many stories to choose from ... probably the cutest is that I'm trying to teach her how to show two fingers to show that she's two. She doesn't have the hand strength to hold her other 3 fingers down, so it's very confusing to other people when she tries to tell them she's two, but she shows one, or three, or five fingers. They don't really get it, but I'm proud of her!!

Anonymous said...

Oops - that comment published without my contact info:

Jennifer Ladd

Digital Misfit said...

My wonderful niece was quite the character already when she was two. French fries, strawberry yogurt, and milk were the ONLY acceptable cuisine. We always knew when she was getting sleepy: she would start running "laps" around the house. Really. It was like a tiny little marathon runner warming up for the big race. She wouldnt pause to touch anything, she was on a mission with a purpose only she understood.
She is a charming and intelligent nine year old girl now, but sometimes I still miss that silly wee toddler that she was.

Happy 2nd Anniversary!
digitalmisfit on etsy

Anonymous said...

Oh wow... that is way too cute. I love it.

Happy Birthday Little Daisy Chains!!!

Baby Portland

Beck said...

There's a winner, and they've been contacted. I'll totally do a post with the goody they pick if they're cool with it. Soooo grateful to all the blogger, Etsy and facebook players!