November 10, 2008

Where Did All The Good Toys Go?

Well Right Here Of Course!

Vintage Fisher Price Cash Register @ thegnomehut

Vintage FISHER PRICE pull-a-tune @ fleaflyflo

Vintage 1961 Fisher Price Chatter Phone @ thegnomehut

Richard Scarry's Best Story Book Ever @ ricracandbuttons

1987 Playskool Raggedy Ann Doll @ ricracandbuttons

Rye was watching a movie today and when I came in to sit down and watch it with her she asked, "Did you see this movie when you were a kid?" I laughed and said no. It was some computer animated bug cartoon about a spider Mom and all of her bug children who were not spiders at all. I started to think back to all the childhood movies and cartoons from when I was small and the usual Smurfs, Strawberry Shortcake and Thundercats popped to mind.

Vintage 1982 Playskool Wood Smurf Puzzle @ mamaLias

Later when I was checking my Etsy shop I thought hmmm.....I wonder how many toys I can find that I used to play with in the Vintage section? I've NEVER looked in vintage and don't really know why. I wish I had before because so many goofy Beck smiles came and went as I found a ton of toys I was VERY familiar with.

Vintage 1980 Fisher Price PLAY FAMILY HOUSE @ RetroClassics

Hope some of these made you smile too!!


bigwoowear said...

Remember Loony Tunes...Transformers....GI Joe....the good ol' classics. : )

nikki/WhiMSy love said...

I remember all those toys! Love 'em. Everytime I see 'em in antique stores, etc I always try to snatch 'em up if they're in good condition & not too spendy. I want my kids to have all of them!