November 16, 2008

Llwellyn Was A Hit!!

A Light Bulb Moment

Ever have a light bulb moment and think why didn't I think about that before?! Well yesterday after day two of the Llwellyn Elementary Holiday Bazaar it hit me. I was driving home to Hillsboro in total disbelief that I had done better then last weekend (each day) and felt really good and not necessarily because I now had money for holiday shopping.

I was wondering why I hadn't done this well at my other shows? Or felt this happy? My display was the same as it ever is with at most a different table cloth. It was at a school, I've done several at schools. And then poof it hit me!!

Lewis and Llwellyn were the first and only shows I'd done where a percentage of my sales went directly to a cause. Duh!!! Who doesn't love a good cause especially when it benefits a child, especially their own child. That explained the crowd, the excitement, the sales, the good feeling...everything! We were all there making sales and HELPING others. Um hello, can we say duh!?
So yay for the shows where it isn't just about the crafter!


Danielle said...

Yeah! A good show and a cause make everyone smile!

Don't forget to sign up for the buckman show.

Good job!

LeaKarts said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you going to do the Buckman Art Show & Sale this year?

LeaKarts said...

Oh, haha, just saw that Danielle said the same thing :D

Beck said...

Totally hope so! I signed up and am super excited. Heidi told me about it over at Union Rose. Yay for helping another school! Hope to see your lovely faces!!