December 21, 2008

Yay, Etsy Front Page 12/21/08!!! ;O)

Etsy Front Page 12/21/08

I totally missed it but today while I was with the fam damily for some yule tide type fun I made the Etsy Front page!! I was an alternate for the screen shot you see up above and when one of the items had sold I got popped in. Score! Ruby Girl (you need to check out her jewelry, pure awesomeness) twittered me to share the good news. I did some hunting by using the handy dandy Majaba site (well Craft Cult now, but my brain has yet to switch it over) to see which item it was. 15 new hearts so wah lah the Daisy like goodie below was what made it up, up and away.
So cool!!

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