December 21, 2008

Some rad type goodies I've bought...

Yay! Now that one of our family holiday parties is over I can share with you a few things I've bought this year. Score! I've been itching to do a show and tell.

Last year I did a handmade Christmas, all goodies I bought for the family were from Etsy. This year I tried to focus more on supporting LOCAL Portland artisans. Didn't always work but it felt so much better when I was able to support my local community, let me tell you.

1. Pot Holders by Appetite Home (not this exact set, but you get the idea)

2. 2009 Desk Callendar by Cecily Ink

3. Swallow Pendant by The Pendant Factory

4. Petite Black & White Wallet by Balasa Designs

5. Sock Monkey By Bada Babies

6. Maple Teething and Grasping Square By Little Sapling Toys

With the exception of the teething ring I so wanted to keep it all for myself. Can't wait until I can share more fun goodies that I've purchased this year!!

1 comment:

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

I totally bought those pot holders at the Crafty wonderland sale also! You totally found some really great finds.