December 14, 2008

Holy Crafty Wonderland!!


Today I braved Portland's snow storm and headed out to volunteer at Crafty Wonderland's huge Holiday show! Although my normal 30 minute commute took an hour and forty five minutes it was so totally worth it. I wasn't a vendor this year, although I was hoping beyond all hopes I'd be able to fill one of those empty spots, I did get to volunteer. From 11am to 2pm I got to be a hero. Why you ask?? I my friends, was the magic potty pointer outer. Among my potty saving duties I got to point people in the direction of the ATM, hand out vendor maps, smile and grin, meet and greet and count the shoppers with one of those handy dandy metal clicker thingies. Click, click.....I dug the clicking. Oooh and the most awesome thing!?? One of the shoppers who asked me a question, totally wearing one of my clippies, awesome!!! By the time I was done volunteering 1734 customers had entered to shop all things crafty.
Oh...and did I mention Littleput Books brought me Hot Chocolate? Awesome!! Thanks Ryan!
I'd brought 300 buck-a-roo's with me to do my own holiday shopping this year and I seriously could not wait to get started. The idea that I could now actually be on the other side of the booth for once and come and go as I pleased was kind of relaxing. I nearly got all the way through the entire show booth by booth but unfortunately with the silly ole snow storm and it getting dark I had to jet with about 30 more booths I didn't get to peek at! I tried though, swear!

The ride home was way, way more scary by the way......


nikki/WhiMSy love said...

Sounds like loads of handmade fun!

Oh my gosh! You got to use a clicker?? That is SO cool!

LeaKarts said...

You are so, so awesome Beck!!! We vendors are very grateful for your potty-pointer-outing and clicking (1734--wow! I wonder what the total count was?), and for your shopping and most especially for getting to see your cute smiley face :) You looked so happy doing all that shopping!

Ohmygosh, and how cool about your clippies?!? Yay!