December 18, 2008



Just got this message. Not a happy camper, stupid weather. :o/

Hello vendors,
It is with extreme difficulty that I have come to this decision.
The Farmer's Market for the 20th has been canceled and the latest forecast for Saturday is 28° an freezing rain. This means that there will be very little traffic for us and travel for all of us would be dangerous.
Despite the marketing that has been done, the success of this venue hinges on the visibility of the farmer's market and the traffic created by it.
Booth fees cannot be fully refunded because much of the money was spent on marketing, postcards and the donation promised to the Women's Resource Center.
I'll be working with Handmade NW to figure out how much money will be returned to each of you and checks will be going out next week.
It is a rare instance that there will be any refund due to a severe weather event, we cannot promise that this will be the case for future events.
Have a safe and pleasant weekend and feel free to email me with your concerns.
Sincerely, "Organizer lady"

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nikki/WhiMSy love said...

Oh Beck! I'm so sorry! Bummer.