September 29, 2008



........And it was totally my fault!! Who knows what in the world I was thinking doing a craft show at a bar this past Saturday night?! Perhaps the visions of super nummy cocktails coupled with the idea of rock surging through out my bones clouded my brain.

I sell jewelry and hair accessories that appeal mostly to children and teens, not rocker queens. Both of the items that I sold were in the first hour of the show (thank you Heather (My Red Gumball) and kind stranger lady!!!).

Thankfully Trish (Felt Up Tees) came to visit, yap, drink and eat some bar fries with me. I was also lucky to be in between two other local Etsians, Adrienne (Mmm....Fiber whom I traveled to New York with last year for the PDX Etsy trunk show) and Paula (Paula Deer) who I'd never had the chance to meet before (super nice).
Later in the evening the music started rockin' and the crowd became full of energy, amongst other things. I got to see a bass made out of a suitcase, yes ladies and gentlemen, a suitcase. I also got to see a drummer do some fancy baton like twirlin' action with his stick between beats and experienced my first burlesque troupe.
I was happy for the entertainment and if anything the event totally got me out of the house, and that my friends is a feat within itself!!


nikki/WhiMSy love said...

Yay for new experiences & suitcase shaped guitars, that's what I say!

Rock on with your cheese fries!

Tricia said...

I'm bummed that it never picked up for you, but we did both get out of the house ;-) I managed to get out today again & actually got a little exercise. I think you got me on a roll!

GlamourFae said...

That is such a cute set up! I've never done a craft fair or show because I am worried about doing all this extra work to set up and then only selling a few items!

Beck said...

Yeah Viva, you totally never know! I think the two biggest pointers I can give, now that I've screwed up a few times, is make sure to do craft fairs that are directed to your target audience AND try to avoid first time shows (first annual, etc.). I think if you do that you've got a great chance of selling more than two or three things!! ;O)

LeaKarts said...

Adrienne and Paula are the best! At least you had good neighbors and entertainment :) I'm sorry the show didn't go better for you, though :(
I've had a few of those myself this year. Hugs!