September 4, 2008

Skate World Flash Back

Skateworld Hasn't Changed One Bit!

Rental Skates by pfeifferphotos

The kids and I went on a last minute end of summer outing before school started on Tuesday. I took them to Skate World. It was my idea, I used to go when I was Rye's age nearly every week for about a year. I loved it. My Mom would drop me off to meet up with some friends and we'd skate our little hearts out until the end of the session. Looking back I think it's crazy there weren't any parents around but I guess it was different then. Anyhow, I thought it was sad I'd never taken them so we went!

Cat and Bird on Roller Skates by barkingbirdart

I didn't realize exactly how out of shape I am until I was trying to skate and hold up two kids at a time while the rotating third would cling to the wall. I didn't fall once which if you would have seen us you'd be surprised and have given me a metal or something. Rye fell mostly while trying to enter or exit the rink. Dylan was extra cautious and fell only a few times and kept it at turtle wall hugging pace. Skye. Poor guy. He wanted to give the Hokey Poky a shot and who was I to mess with the Poky? I didn't want to embarrass him by holding his hand the whole time so I told him if he needed it he could grab it. He tried to tuff it out. During the "that's what it's all about" part of the dance/song he lost his balance and tried to catch himself and was doing this funky running looking move with his skates and then magically caught air before I could grab him. He biffed it. People ooooh'd.......

I heart roller derby wallet by tinymeat

We didn't stay long after. There were tears, clinging, whining or sweat from all four parties so we ended it early with some ice cream!! Needless to say I think it will be a while before I see the inside of a skate rink again and that is quite alright. It hasn't changed a bit since I was seven, I'm not missing much.

*I forgot my camera, dork, so instead here are some local Portland roller skate merch*


Anonymous said...

Skateworld how I love to loathe thee. It's comforting to know that every time I have gone there over the past years nothing has changed. Not the seventies carpet or the carpeted walls. Especially not the guy in jeans with the wife beater rockin out to whitesnake or acdc. Yup. How can you not love it.

Learning Spanish at 41 said...

What a bunch of fun items...we appreciate the credit and link included for use of our Rental Skates image...thanks!