September 16, 2008

Queen of the Quirk


1. A peculiarity of behavior; an idiosyncrasy: "Every man had his own quirks and twists" Harriet Beecher Stowe.
2. An unpredictable or unaccountable act or event; a vagary: a quirk of fate.
3. A sudden sharp turn or twist.
4. An equivocation; a quibble.
5. Architecture A lengthwise groove on a molding between the convex upper part and the soffit.

[Origin unknown.]
quirki·ly adv.
quirki·ness n.
quirky adj.

I've been tagged by Miss WhiMSy love to list 6 quirky things about myself, this should be easy, embarrassing, but easy!!
1. I can do the thumbs up gesture with both my hands and my feet.

2. In 4th grade a group of about 5-6 friends and I formed a jump rope team where we would make up tricks along to a play list of very cool songs. We would practice at recess. We asked the Principal if we could perform in front of the whole school (grades K-5th) and she said yes. We did. It was very Napoleon Dynamite-esque, geek goes cool goes geek again. I still have my jump rope in a box in the garage.

(Not Me, But Yes Ladies and Gentleman I Could Do This)

3. I took tap in middle school. I randomly will break out some moves in the kitchen or dining room when I'm feeling silly and/or happy. I must be happier than I realize because my daughter now taps away while we are in stores, at school or at home.

4. I communicate much better in writing than in person or by phone.

5. Until just recently when ever crossing a bridge I would roll down the window so that if I were to end up in the water below I could swim out and survive. Apparently the blow of hitting the water would have no affect on me.....

6. To go into a store or any public place alone I have to have a fresh piece of gum to pop in my mouth or I won't go. If you ever need gum let me know, I'll have it.

Off to go tag;

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2. Sarah of Urban Designs
3. Jennifer of Punky Kidz/Urban Designs
4. Lea of LeaK Arts
5. Ryan of Littleput Books
6. Danielle of Poetic Purl


LeaKarts said...

Haha! I love your quirks, Beck! I'll accept your tag challenge, too :) I especially like the funny pictures you chose to go along with each one.

I miss you! I hope everything is going well and you are tapping your feet away :)

nikki/WhiMSy love said...

I love the jump rope team! HAHAHAHA! And the fact that you still have the jump rope is awesome. You should put it in a sealed glass case.

Leslie Gidden said...

You made me laugh out-loud! That was too cute and too funny! Thank you for making my day a little more bright! Have a great and quirky weekend!