September 20, 2008

Picture Day, Oh The Memories!!

Ode To Picture Day!!
I don't know what it is exactly about picture day, but I'll never forget it. Every year the same routine. Standing in a line watching each classmate in front of you take their turn. Most of them forcing a smile or just not smiling at all, just staring daring the camera to make them. All of the fidgeting in line, the mixture of boredom and nervousness hoping that this year’s picture didn't suck as much as the last.

As I awkwardly grew up my pictures seemed to get worse year by year. Some years my super straight hair was forced into curls they wanted no part of by parents obsessed with the "perfect" picture. Crazy bangs, crooked smiles or blinking eyes. I just couldn't seem to win.

My kiddo’s picture day is Monday and thankfully they've missed out on the curse of picture land. Could it be because I'm a Mom and just think they're cute or do they feel the same way about theirs that I did mine??

To skip out on the horror of sharing with you what were my picture days I decided to finally check out a site I found out about on WhiMSy love's blog a while back called year book yourself and fashioned one of my own. What do you look like? Go See!!!


nikki/WhiMSy love said...

You look hot.

Joanne said...

I totaly agree about school pictures! Do they strive to make school pictures look like,well ,school pictures?? Anyway I love your blog and so I nominated you for an award on my blog today!

Beck said...

Oh wowzers!! Thank you jojobell!!! That is awesome. Off to go check it out. ;O)