September 19, 2010

You know you're successful when...

You get copied!

Though it doesn't feel great, not even a little.  Here are some of my thoughts on how it happens and how you can deal with it and perhaps grow stronger.

You get an idea, an awesome idea!  Something that is truly unique and original and it's all yours.  You go for it.  You're excited!! You buy the supplies, you test it out, you play with colors and sizes even shapes until it's just right.  You put your heart, time and even a little elbow grease into it because it represents, well, you.  People dig it!  You put it online, you take it to shows.  More people dig it!  You land retail accounts wholesale accounts and soon even online retailers are contacting you.  You've built an amazing customer base & even MORE people dig it!    Yay!  It's official, you've done it - success!!  

BUT success can be noticed by the wrong kind of people.  What kind of people you ask??  The green headed monster kind of people.  They're the most dangerous because they're of the idea stealing variety. They lack all creativity. NO!  SAY IT ISN'T SO! Sorry, it's true. They don't care about who they hurt or who they're ripping off.  They just want in.  Somehow.  Anyhow.  Why?  It's simple, what they're doing isn't working, or at least not like they thought it would.  They want all the success with none of the effort.  Boo!

How you deal.  You do the hardest thing of all.  You ignore it.  You let them do what they're doing because these green headed monsters bring themselves down.  They are noticed all right but not by the kind of people they were hoping for.  They're noticed for what they are, craft zombies. They don't "get" what you get and their copycat creations are missing something. That something? You!  

The moral of my little craft copier story?

Keep doing what you do best and go make something dammit because you're better, smarter, craftier and gosh darn it people like you!! 


Anonymous said...

Well said. Albeit it still sucks! Thank goodness we are the creative ones!

Unknown said...

Amen woman!