September 11, 2010

Organization, It's All The Rage

 Or at least I hope so!


Drawers by Karen Foster Design

FUNCTIONAL - This year I'm planning ahead, way ahead!  Over the next few weeks I'll be making each of my Etsy items, packaging them & then storing them in these handy dandy drawers.  That way I can keep up with the online holiday rush and still be able to focus on local events without feeling like I'm going to crack.

Drawer by 7 Gypsies  

FUN - This drawer will be used as part of my display at craft shows!  Or at least that is what I told myself when I bought it.  When the holiday craft frenzy is over I'll be adding hooks, mounting it to the wall and then storing my own jewelry (which right now can be found scattered through out our house).

Drawers by Sterilite

CLASSIC - This bad boy will be holding my supplies!  The goal here is to KNOW where my supplies are so that I can spend less time searching and more time creating. Yay!

The best part?  Each of these products can be found for under $20 bucks!!

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