January 8, 2009

Name That Song Contest!!!

Name That Song!!!

Click on the each of the nine earrings above and guess the song they're referring to by either their title or their description. Then email me all nine song titles/and or the artist that sings it at littledaisychains(at)gmail.com (or post the answers below but keep in mind people could steal them).
The top three entries will win a free pair of hoops of their choosing! I've announced the contest on Etsy, as well as on Twitter. Now is your chance to join in the music type fun.
On and for motivation, the top entry so far has only 5 of the 9 songs correct. YOU can top that!
All three winners will be announced at 10:30 pm Friday night.
Good luck!!!!

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Anonymous said...

she comes in colors!!

(only I know that is not it but i love these new bitties!)