June 26, 2007

Crafty Wonderland Said Yes, 2nd Time Is A Charm!!

About two weeks ago I got together with my sister in law and her close guitar blues picking heroine friend of the family, who we all love dearly. They often go shopping, bike around town or venture out to enjoy the arts together and I was lucky enough to get to join them for lunch just before picking up the kiddos.
After sitting down to eat the best dam Tomato Basil & Cheese Tortellini soup I've ever had, it was made mention that they'd just happened upon Crafty Wonderland. Whether it was the nummy soup or the rock star like presence I found myself in, I had the sudden desire to put myself on the line one more time!!
You see, in February I had gleefully applied to participate in March's Crafty Wonderland but unfortunately with the high volume of applicants and the daunting task of narrowing down Portland’s crafty magic my little lovelies didn't quite make the cut.
This time though come July 8th I am in and all about it!!!! Whooo hoooo!!

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