June 22, 2007

Finding Lov.li

I don't know why I took so long to check into Lov.li but for some reason I've been hesitating. Maybe it was their hectic front page that scared me off and kept me saying, um.... I'll come back and check this out later. Perhaps it was just the unfamiliarity of it all that kept me away? Very likely, but when it comes down to it I truly believe that I just wasn't quite ready for another handmade based website. Do I really have time to focus on my craft outside of Etsy?? Well, we will see but no matter the reason I've fallen head over heals with Lov.li and have decided to test the waters!! Take 5 minutes to check out the listings and it's members, you might actually find quite a few warm, familiar and often local faces on the site that will make you say hmmmmmmmm.............why haven't I signed up yet!??!

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