October 7, 2011

Urban Folk Art - Hillsboro, OR 10/7-10/9

Urban Folk Art

It's finally here, Urban Folk Art has hit Hillsboro!  Join the fun at the Washington County Fair Grounds this weekend Friday October 7th through Sunday October 9th.  With live music, food, craft demos and artisans it will be the most exciting thing to do on the west side since the air show.  Admission is $4.00, but if you bring a can or box of nonperishable food you will knock a buck off your fare!!  Once paid, admission is good all weekend long.  Also, be among the first to arrive and you'll receive a spiffy little tote to hold all your awesome crafty finds & creations!  
See you there!!

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Pink Tree Studio said...

Ah ha! I was wondering if the admission was good all weekend! I may go today, too, just to check it out :~) But I still plan to go tomorrow to see Diane's demo.