October 29, 2011

My New Toy!!!

Tah Dah! 

Nope, not a sex toy.  Not a bong.  It's my new button machine!!  Yay!  

After using a Badge-A-Minit hand crank for nearly three years it finally met it's demise due to my super human mirror making ninja skills.  At first I cursed, then nearly cried (it broke the night before a big three day show), but then instead.....

 I celebrated!!!!  

I've been dying for a new machine.  Trying to balance each individual hand pressed mirror in it's crazy ass plastic part compartment and then having it slip out of my lap 1 out of every 5 mirrors in one big traumatizing cat scaring bang, pieces flying everywhere type of mess.  Not so fun! 

Having to squeeze and squeeze until my hands had indents, just to hope when I unveiled my latest creation that it hadn't come out crooked, scrunched up or not even sealed at all?  Not so fun!

Being taunted day in and day out with the Badge-A-Minit logo that screamed "go ahead and try to make a badge in a minute, betch!"  Again, not so fun!

My new machine?  AWESOMELY FUN! 

No slipping, no sliding, no cursing or taunting.  Just making.  Making lots and lots of 100% correctly made goodies one after the other after the other.  Oh yeah and you know what else?  I can make one in less than a minute.  

Suck it, Badge-A-Minit!

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LeaKarts said...

Awesome!!! I am jealous :)