November 5, 2007

PDX Etsy In New York!!!

Okay really...

I've been behind, waaaaaaaay behind!! Why you ask? Well between an awesome trip to New York and a new part time job, lets just say I've been preoccupied. Oh and did I mention I have three kids?

Now it is time to play catch up and what better way for me to start to reminisce on the last few weeks then to share with you the set up of each of the artists that attended the Etsy PDX to NYC trunk show!

The warm, colorful and knotty like goodness of Mmm..Fiber!!

Poetic Purl's Gorgeous Array Of Jewelry

Urbana's Pottery For All

It's Leak Arts and LaFrenchie, Yay!!!

Scrabbeliouciously Littleput Oh My!

LeahPellegrini's Vibrant Glass Art

Oh and then there was Little Daisy Chains (that's me)!!

1 comment:

nikki/WhiMSy love said...

That's so fun Beck-to see all the artists & their stuff! Your packaging looks really bright & colorful & fun!