November 13, 2007

Etsy Made - Laura Of L*egant Style

Congratulations Laura for winning featured seller during my Etsy contest!!!

Laura of L*egant Style
I had been trying and trying to figure out a way to advertise that would be affordable. I was hitting wall after wall and every lead I would get excited about would end up coming to a screeching halt because of the price tag that accompanied it. I was about to give up but as if fate herself had stepped in Sister Diane of DIY Alert contacted me!! She mentioned she'd be having a Holiday Gift Guide featuring a few sellers each Friday throughout the Holiday's and best yet, it would only cost $20.00 per ad and I could have two!! I jumped on it as quickly as my little fingers could type. After double and triple checking that I had replied fast enough to secure my dates the panic hit. What the heck was I going to do?? I'd never done an ad before! I didn't know what to say, I didn't even know what to feature from my shop. I could only pick one item. So it hit me! Why not have an Etsy contest??! I would ask the Etsy community what item from my shop I should feature and for every answer I would receive I would put their name in a jar for one of three prizes. That way every one has fun!! 1st place would get a feature on my blog, 2nd place an item from my shop totally free and 3rd place any one hair accessory at no charge! It was on, I had many entries and after all was said and done I knew what I'd feature AND I had 3 lucky winners!!
That is how I met Snowy Angel or Laura of L*egant Style!!!

1. When did you learn to sew? Was it something you taught yourself or do you come from a family of sewing enthusiasts?

Well ever since elementary I was inspired by fashion shows and catalogues I'd see, I even drew up my own catalogues too. But creativity definitely runs in the family. Both my grandpas were artists (one a carpenter, the other painter/model builder) and my grandma could knit up anything, then my mother can draw, crochet AND do jewellery so it's definitely in my blood. At the age of 15 I made my own lap quilt at church. Then one day I got married and my husband decided to take sewing machine shopping! Since then I've been teaching myself to sew more detailed items ever since.

2. What was the craziest experience you've had with your sewing machine? I find I'm in a total love hate relationship with mine so I have to ask!

Whew, where to begin right? Um probably the time when I got my first machine and I was in the middle of stitching up a thick item. Then out of nowhere the pressure foot just falls off the machine completely and I almost stitch over my own finger! Fortunately we brought the machine back and all is well with my new machine.

3. What do you find influences your designs?

Nature a lot of the time and the vintage eras. I love being outside and seeing the beauty of the world around me so most of my bags have nature themes or a twist of retro in the shape of blossoms, trees, leaves or even animals. I really love retro mixed with modern, it pretty much describes my whole style.

4. How did you get started and how did you know you "found" your place in the craft world?

Well after I received my new sewing machine I got busy making pillows, table runners and other house hold items for around the house. My mother-in-law would come over and love what she saw and wanted me to make her things like pillows. Then I made some sleep masks, Christmas stockings, aprons, etc and I would send pictures to my mother who lives in Canada. She also loved what she saw and wanted to purchase items from me for peoples Christmas presents. I was like, wow does it really look that good to sell? Lol, nothing like family support. From there I did my first craft show and then found good Ol' Etsy.

5. Do you get lost in a fabric store for hours?

If only my husband would let me! But I usually go into a craft store with not really a specific fabric or item in mind to buy. I like to see and feel the variety and find the one fabric that stands out from the crowd. I look for unique and bold prints usually.

6. Where can people find your stylish bags and crafty like goodness?

L*egant Style can be found online at . We're open 24hrs day and 7 days a week. ;)

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