September 11, 2007

Portland Made - Jason Edward Davis of Love and Monsters

Jason Edward Davis

Love and Monsters

I happened upon Jason when a good friend of mine had called me up all giddy to tell me she had found her first and long lost true love on MySpace. I inevitably got around to a little stalker action myself to see how he’d changed over the years. There were not any pictures of him up at the time and a sparse amount of reading material that did little to reveal his insides, I fell bored.

I quickly glanced over to view his top 8 and that is where I happened upon 26 year old Portland artist Jason Edward Davis. I followed the link to his Etsy shop Love and Monsters this way and found an incredible world of soulful creations and wonderfully adorable creatures. All this and an amazing venue at the same time, so who better to feature first on Portland Made then the stranger who unknowingly led me to such a great online market place!!

1. What influences inspire you?

Everything i've done is for and about love.....that nervous i can explode a city block love...or that it hurts so bad i can't go on without you love...or that seeing you for just one moment makes my life amazing love....or the most important......shhhh it's okay love...i think its great to imagine what our love would look like if it created a life of its own.

2. What was the first thing you remember drawing?

I grew up in a house where women were worshipped. My father listened to pat benatar and joan jett...We had posters of every fantasy movie ever made on the walls...she-ra was a constant favorite for the family....My entire artistic childhood consisted of drawing women with swords and wings and more swords....Oh and a unicorn or two...because you know...who leaves home with out it?

3. How can local Portlander’s get their hands on your work outside of Etsy?

i get so hands in my pocket nervous about my art that i haven't ever showed it anywhere...if they wanted though they can catch me working at the goosehollow starbucks five mornings a week. My studio/home is a block away and comes equipped with 23 monsters, a fooze ball table, 1 adorable co-dependant cat and an espresso machine...just in case...

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Anonymous said...

with all the mentions of monsters, she-ra, pat benatar, and espresso, I fell in love. can anyone say favorite among favorites is Jason Davis with his witty dialogue and upbeat manner.