September 10, 2007

New Additions!!

I've been pondering how to make my blog a wee bit more interesting, writing about me can get old, and so after a few hours of seriously staring at the ceiling while trying to drift off to sleep I think I finally have it!!! I've decided to add three new features to my blog!!

Daisy Finds -

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Daisy Finds will feature fun Beck type finds from anywhere and everywhere. Pretty much anything that moves me, inspires me or I think is note worthy and fun. This will hopefully be a daily post.

Indie Ever After -

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Indie Ever After will be focused more on interviews of independent artists, musicians, photographers and more from all over the world. Big dreams for a little gal I know but I'm confident in this project and can hardly wait! I plan on doing this feature once a month.

Portland Made -

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Portland Made will be on a more local and manageable scale. I will search out local Portland, Oregon artists of all makes and types and feature examples of their work, tell where you can find them for yourself and hopefully share a bit of their personality. This bloggity bit will be weekly!

Stay tuned this is going to be a blast for sure!!

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