September 27, 2011

EtsyKids Member Spotlight - Holden Lee Tees

Holden Lee Tees

Cheryl and her son Holden, then 6 1/2, started Holden Lee Tees in 2008.  A mother and son collaboration of epic proportions, monsters and I imagine lots of giggles share their designs on Etsy and in many local Portland boutiques and craft events around the Pacific Northwest.

Holden weaves a backdrop for every drawing. Together this mother and son team decide where each creature will live transforming Holden's creations into wearable, functional art for the whole family.

With lively creatures with names like robosaurus, clobster, scasis, squidbat or sonic frog it's hard to pass up the cuteness or the imaginative stories behind each one.

Find more Holden Lee Tees Designs here ------->

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