November 26, 2009

Black Friday Sale!

Shop From Home, Jammie Style!!

***November 27th Only***

Little Daisy Chains - Shop In Sale!!

All Earrings $5.00

All Bracelets $5.00

All Hair Accessories, Buy Two Get One Free!

All Necklaces $10.00 (Including Personalized Name Necklaces)

All Pocket Mirrors $5.00

All Rings $5.00

*Free Shipping on orders placed from 12am-9am November 27th 2009*

Stock up & Save!!

Type in "BLACK FRIDAY" Upon Checkout & I'll adjust your invoice!


Elaine from L.A. said...

Hope you sell tons and have to stay up the next two nights to restock for the SSS~~just kidding about staying up all night :~)

Beck said...

Ha ha!! That would be okay. I'd be up all night anyhow. ;o) I always do a last minute show freak out by staying up past midnight making & making and then making some more & when I'm supposed to be done and going to bed I set up a mock display instead, then I pack it all up. Leaving my crafty corner looking like a tornado blew through. Drives Mik crazy!