July 16, 2008

Poke Me...I'm Not Sure I'm Still Here

A Bump, Poke Or A Nudge Will Do

Sloth Print by Capree

Ever get sloth like without even trying? I feel like I need a giant poke or actually maybe even three. I'm pretty sure I am slowly evolving into a slug. True story. I just can't seem to get on that creative page again. My studio looks lonely, my blog empty and my mind is pretty much blank and overloaded all at once. Everything is moving like a slow motion dream that I just can't speed up or snap out of. Someone wake me up pretty, pretty!

Slug by FreedomRainbow


Dre said...


Capree said...

*pokes Daisy with a stick*
You can do it!

Thanks for including my sloth photo! :D

Beck said...

Yay, pokes! Thank YOU!!