May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Goodies, Oh My!

Whooo hooo for Mother's Day Gifts, Even If Some Of Them Are From Yourself

Last Christmas I was going to buy a button maker, I'd saved up for it and everything only for some reason I didn't do it. I'm guessing I must have got a little craft happy and depleted my cash. I often get random ideas for things I want to create or play with and space it until months later! Like today. My gift from my husband was a 2 1/4" Badge-A-Minit button/mirror maker. I'm super excited. All of my ideas came rushing back and I immediately started to make a button. It came with like 25 buttons or so and he also bought me materials to make 50 mirrors! My head is spinning with the possibilities. I'll be attempting a mirror tomorrow.

I've been wanting more storage for my little crafty corner for a few weeks now. I've out grown my bookshelf storage unit from IKEA and don't really have room for another piece of furniture in my studio (my "studio" above is simply half of our dining room and NOT this clean/and or bare).

In my search I found the perfect solution, wall storage!! The one my little heart became settled on was the Making Memories Embellishment Center. Only problem? This baby was 80.00 bucks, eeep, and hard to find in stores!! Which meant if I really wanted it I would either have to buy it online and pay more for shipping or choose to drive around town like a crazy lady? I opted for the crazy lady route. After about 4 stores I had finally found it at Craft Warehouse in Vancouver. I just couldn't bring myself to spend 80 bucks. I promised myself I'd get it when it went on sale or if I could find some rockin' coupon and went home.

Well it finally happened!! I did a google search today and found it on sale online for a whopping 65.54 including the shipping costs!! Um hello, a steal if you ask me! And where did I find it you ask?? Ritz-Camera!! What??!! I know! How random is that?

As for the rest of my day it was awesome!! I got breakfast in bed! With the traditional three kid harmonic alarm clock sing song shouting “Happy Mother's Day" followed by a shower of hugs and kisses from all.
My mommy buffet included pancakes topped with whipped cream, sliced bananas with a cherry on top. Eggs, bacon and wheat toast with a glass of grape juice! Mmmmm..........

Next we spent the afternoon with my most favorite person on the entire planet, my Grandmother and then grabbed a bite to eat at a nummy Mexican restaurant in Portland off of McGloughlin!! Then I got to take a guilt free nap when we got home, score!

I hope all of you other mommies out there had the best day ever!

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James Curran said...

I see that you have used the Badge a Minit to assist you while making presents for special occassions. Have you tried the American Button Machine? It is an easy and fast way to get some inexpensive presents done!

Here is the link: