October 11, 2007

The Sweetest Thing Evah!!

I got a package in the mail today for my birthday!! When I saw who it was from my first thought was yay because I recognized the name, it was one of my favorite repeat customers but then a sudden spark of panic hit... oh no, had something fallen apart??!! I opened up the envelope right then and there and inside the mailer was a cute black jewelry box with an adorable hand decorated gift tag that said Happy Birthday Beck! I got all teary eyed, I never would've imagined in a million years that I would be getting a birthday present from a customer and what made it so cool was it was one who has supported me since the beginning!! I was so moved I called the hubby from the car. Once I got home I took off the bow and opened it up and it was the cutest pair of little flower earrings ever. Yay! I love them big time!!!


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